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Amy Shelton is the principal at Clasp Marketing.

After seeing so many business owners spending thousands of dollars for marketing tactics that don’t work, she decided to do something about it.

Amy became certified in the StoryBrand 7-Part Framework. This framework helps organizations eliminate confusion and communicate clearly with their customers so they can grow their businesses.

You too can use the power of story to engage prospective clients like never before and reach more people.

We help small business owners just like you.

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Work Smarter Digital

Clarify Your Message So More Customers Engage

If you are confusing your customers with your messaging at all, you are missing out. Nobody has time or patience to be confused anymore.

But here's some good news -- no matter what the world throws at you, you can confidently keep building your business around a clear message. This year can be your best year in business yet.

Attend an upcoming Marketing Made Simple Livestream Workshop and learn the seven messages you need to create (and repeat) to stop confusing customers and instead connect with them.

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