Quickly and powerfully tell prospective clients how your work changes lives.

Strategic copywriting for women-owned businesses.

Attract more of your ideal clients.

Fill your calendar.

Have better discovery calls.

Recruiting your ideal clients can be complex.

It’s easy for women-owned businesses to spend thousands in marketing and have little to show for it. You can have a gorgeous website or be a networking queen.

But you'll never have the impact you want if you can't tell prospective clients how your work will change their lives.

Spend your time where you have the most impact, not struggling with messaging.

Small business owner with marketing callenges

Overcome your marketing challenges.

I understand how discouraging it is to pour months and thousands into marketing, but see no new sales. I use my 30 years of communications expertise to help women business owners powerfully and profitably recruit more of their ideal clients.

Recruit your ideal clients in three steps.





Get the words that wow your ideal clients.


Fill your website, blog and social media only with the words that wow.


Watch your business and impact grow.

Amy was not like any other marketer I’d worked with. She really listened and had amazing knack to crack the secret code of my message.

Sometimes, I felt stuck and couldn’t verbalize the content in my head. Somehow, she always knew the message like a magic. --Sammy Oh, PhD, Breakthrough ADHD Center

Stop worrying about messaging, and start talking to more of the people you want to serve.

Build Your Reputation

Build Your Reputation

It’s easier to recruit your ideal clients when your network knows exactly how you're the best at what you do.

Have a bigger impact

Have a Bigger Impact

Spend more time serving clients and less on marketing.

Achieve Your Mission

Achieve Your Mission

When you're able to recruit your ideal clients powerfully and profitably, you'll be able to change more lives.

Not only is Amy an excellent writer, but she also brings a fresh perspective that breathes life into a project. Plus, her ability to quickly wrap her head around a business and project needs makes it really easy to work with her. --Erin Fults, Acorn Studio

Five Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Five marketing mistakes to avoid and what to do instead.

A lot of businesses are competing for your prospective clients’ attention.

Instead of trying to be louder than other businesses, let’s be more authentic, strategic and solution-focused.

Learn five common marketing mistakes to avoid and suggestions for what to do instead.

Get the words that wow.

You want to fill your appointment book, but the marketing you’ve tried has cost a lot and only produced meager results. You’re discouraged and frustrated about how much time and money it takes to attract your ideal clients.

I believe women business owners deserve an effective, affordable messaging. You should spend your time serving your clients, not struggling to find the words that wow.

I help women business owners reach more of their ideal clients powerfully and profitably. See the ways I can help you.


Amy Shelton, principal, is a certified StoryBrand guide.

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