Messaging guide and homepage

With this white-label writing package, you get:

A full messaging guide (Complete with BrandScript, extra BrandScript elements for your client to use when prospects are deeper into their sales funnel, one-liner and controlling idea.)

Homepage wireframe (Follows the StoryBrand recommended content. Elements include header, subheading, CTA, transitional CTA, stakes, plan, value proposition, elements of success, services stack, explanatory paragraph and emphatic, authoritative guide.)

Filling in the foundation

With this package, you get:

Wireframes for two interior webpages (Typically the About and Services pages, both following the StoryBrand wireframe template.)

Lead generator copy (Downloadable sales- or lead-generating asset, typically 350-850 words)

Five sales funnel emails (Following the StoryBrand recommendations.)

A la carte

Sometimes you just need a wireframe done.

I get it.

After I've written your client's foundational messaging, I'm happy to help with landing pages, a blog post that can be repurposed for social media, and much more.


Need professional insight on a specific project?

Book an hour of time and get the support you need to finish (and polish) your project.

Over the the last year and a half Amy has given me and our non-profit priceless feedback on building out our story. She helped us to see who the hero was in the case of fundraising, partnering and relationship building.

--Kelvin Manurs, Arm & Arm

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